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Please note that if you are currently experiencing thoughts about harming yourself or ending your life, please leave this website and contact your GP or the out of hours service or call 111. In an emergency, please call 999 or go to your nearest hospital emergency department to receive help.

Throughout your life, you can experience challenges and situations that may leave you with confused thoughts and feelings which can impact your day to day life. It could be beneficial for you to explore and understand their effects on you and allow you to reflect and make beneficial change in your life.

These may be experiences that you do not want to share with family, friends or colleagues, preferring instead to talk with a qualified professional in a welcoming, safe, secure and confidential environment.

By taking time to work with a counsellor, you may understand more clearly how and why these experiences occurred, how they have and continue to impact on you and how you might use your new awareness and understanding to make change in your life.

Clients work with counsellors on a range of topics. These can include feeling anxious, health concerns, low mood, relationship o family concerns, loss and grief and work matters to name but a few. If there is a specific concern which might be better suited to a specialist therapist we will advise you of this.


Are there things about you or your life you want to change?

  • Find a different career?
  • Obtain a promotion at work?
  • Be more self-confident?
  • Join a club or group?
  • Make more time for yourself or just make small changes all round to feel more fulfilled in your life?

Coaching could help. Work together with a coach in sessions, you work to identify what is important to you and the changes you want to make. You explore how these changes might happen, what could help you to achieve change and what obstacles could prevent you from making change in your life.

Between sessions, there will be some personal development work for you to complete which you then look at together and explore any obstacles you faced and how you could overcome them.

Over time and with personal commitment, you could see a real, positive difference in your life.


Mentoring is similar to coaching in that it is about identifying and achieving your goals. However, with mentoring, these are usually more developmental and specific. For example:

  • Obtain a promotion at work
  • Studying for an important exam
  • Moving to a new country

Your mentor is there to use their experiences to help and work with you to reach a goal, to succeed and meet the challenges of new life experiences.

Your success relies on your commitment to yourself, your desire to succeed, hard work, a willingness to be challenged, to self-reflect and to learn and apply new skills.

What people say

I would like to thank Andy for his time and effort which I really appreciated and the positive impact that this has had on me.


Andy’s thoughtful and considered approach really helped me in understanding the impact of events had on me and the resulting perspective allowed me to move forward.


I found Andy to be a warm and caring professional and would highly recommend him if asked



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